Dating  Advice



As one grows up they form many relationships. Life long relationships take time and it is very important to have the correct information on the people you want to include in your life. This will help one create meaningful and  fullfilling  relationships. Dating is one such platform when looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with. If done right it can be the beginning of a very wonderful friendship.

Meeting people with an open mind adds flavor to the journey. It gives one a chance to learn about the other person’s character. One is able to determine the persons likes and dislikes, their values, beliefs and culture. This is a glimpse of their personal life. It will help one know how to treat the other person or avoid them altogether if they don’t approve of the person. ManhoodLessons will also come in handy when planning celebrations like birthdays and surprise events for them

Patience is key.  Practically everything in life requires good old patience and relationships are not an exception. This gives both parties opportunities for growth and helps them understand each other. It enables one to know whether there is really a chance for love or it’s just a fling. Taking it slow is very crucial as it can protect one from painful break ups. Walking out of a relationship that one has invested heavily too soon can be draining.

Compromise and flexibility can be exercised while dating. The ability to put other interest before your own without having to put yourself last is paramount in sustaining relationships. Learning to put on hold activities to carter for the other party’s needs  will make that person feel valued and appreciated. They will in turn take the initiative to do their part when the time comes.

Having insight on the goals and dreams of the other person should be prioritized. People have different ambitions and may not want to be in long term relationships. Establishing this first hand saves you a lot of time and energy. It also helps you decide whether the experience is worth wile and making an executive decision on whether to pursue it or not. To learn more about dating, visit

One should be able to maintain their identity when dating. This will prevent you from burdening the other party with too much expectations. Personal happiness should be sought. This way dating will not be the source of your happiness but an addition to your already happy self. Having  a life beyond the person your dating shows ability to be independent and readiness for a long term relationship. Know how make your girl beg for more in bed here!