How Make A Girl Beg For More in Bed


Your sex life might be seem perfect, however there are a number of things that you can do to make it better. First, it important to ensure that your girl feels sexy and the easiest way to do that is to whisper into her eyes. This trick from Manhood Lessons is very effective and you will begin to notice changes in your sex life. Therefore, ensure that you whisper to your girlfriend that you enjoy being with them and you will be certain that he will reciprocate her efforts.

Similarly, you should tell your girlfriend the reasons why you think she is beautiful. It is obvious that all women desire to feel beautiful and hence it is not adequate for a man to simply tell his girlfriend that she is beautiful. Remember that women are complicated human beings that require assurance as to why you think that they are indeed beautiful.

Thus, it not enough that you love her beautiful behind and great breasts, but while you are under the sheets, you should remind your girlfriend that she has an elegant smile and great eyes. In other words, you should remind your girlfriend that she is beautiful from the head to the toe, and not necessary her behind and breasts. For more info about dating, visit

Ensure that your girlfriend feels that she is the woman of your dreams rather than merely the woman of your fantasies. Likewise, you should remember to ask her what she wants and ensure that you really mean it. That means that you should not assume that she likes something without asking her. Therefore, ask and when you do make sure that you really ask. Ensure that you do not ask in using rhetorical questions so as to make you feel like you are doing the right thing. You should ask like your actions are because you really want to do right by your girlfriend rather than just assuring yourself that you are.

Remember that your girlfriend would like to enjoy as much as you would prefer to believe that she is, but not all women like the same thing and therefore ensure that you find out. Another way to ensure that your girlfriend asks for more in bed is to create more time for foreplay. Remember that it takes a longer duration for women to be turned on compared to men. Whereas a quickie is good once in a while, most of the time your girlfriend wants and requires foreplay to get prepared for the action. Know why do black guys like fat white chicks here!